Toronto should permit lane-way houses, says councilors.

Toronto should permit laneway houses as a way to address a shortage in rental units while making home ownership more affordable for cash-strapped residents, suggested two City Councillors, Mary-Margaret McMahon and Ana Bailão.
In an announcement they made on Tuesday, they said that they are working together to “advance the dialogue around” laneway housing at city hall and will host a public consultation on the topic in three weeks’ time.
The rate of rental apartment vacancy is 1.6 per cent in Toronto, which is significantly below the 3 per cent vacancy rate that is generally considered healthy.
Laneway houses are small, detached residences that are typically located behind an existing home, adjacent to a laneway, and serviced through the primary residence instead of separately.
On Dec7 at 7:00 PM, the Councillors, Bailão and McMahon will host a public consultation on laneway housing at Evergreen Brick Works. The councillors are also planning to conduct a survey to aid their work.