Tory MPP apologizes to Wynne.

Published on : September 7, 2017 12:05

MPP Bill Walker has  apologized to Premier Kathleen Wynne for comments made in a radio interview after the premier’s lawyers warned he could face a defamation lawsuit.

Wynne’s lawyers  sent a letter on Wednesday to Walker asking that he publicly retract and apologize on the air for statements made to Toronto radio station AM640 on Monday.

Walker told the radio station that Wynne was under investigation and facing charges in connection with an upcoming Election Act bribery trial for two Liberal party members, when in fact the premier is slated to testify in the trial.

Aplogizing, Walker said in a statement released on Wednesday evening,that  he made a mistake while discussing Wynne’s plan to testify at the upcoming trial.

Wynne previously sued former Conservative leader Tim Hudak and another Tory MPP after the pair said she oversaw — and possibly ordered — the destruction of documents related to two cancelled gas plants.