Trans Mountain Pipeline : Amarjeet Sohi Takes A Dig At Andrew Scheer

Amarjeet Sohi, Member of Parliament for Edmonton Mill Woods and the Minister of Natural Resources, criticized Conservative leader, Andrew Scheer when he talked about supporting the building of the Trans Mountain Pipeline on Monday.

“For years, the CPC cut corners disregarded environmental concerns & ignored Indigenous groups. The result: not 1 km of pipeline built to overseas markets.
Today, Andrew Scheer doubled-down on this approach.
The Conservatives have learned nothing from their decade of failure,” he tweeted.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer on Monday said if he were prime minister, he’d build the Trans Mountain pipeline by invoking constitutional powers and banning foreign funding from being used to oppose the project.

Speaking to reporters at the National Press Theatre in Ottawa, Scheer outlined his plan to restart construction on the pipeline, which was stalled by a ruling from the Federal Court of Appeal last month and prompted the Liberals to announce last week they will send the project back to have its impact on marine ecosystems assessed by the National Energy Board.