Treasury Board President Jane Philpott Resigns From Trudeau’s Cabinet

Written by priyadarshinee

Published on : March 4, 2019 3:33

Jane Philpott, one of the prominent persons of the Trudeau cabinet, has resigned as Treasury Board President, saying she has lost confidence in the government and citing the pressure exerted on former colleague Jody Wilson-Raybould to abandon the criminal prosecution of SNC-Lavalin.

“I have been considering the events that have shaken the federal government in recent weeks and after serious reflection, I have concluded that I must resign as a member of the cabinet,” Ms Philpott said in a resignation letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The resignation five days after Ms Wilson-Raybould, Canada’s former attorney general – told the Commons Justice committee that she faced “consistent and sustained” political pressure from Mr Trudeau and top officials, including veiled threats on the need to shelve the criminal prosecution of the Montreal construction and engineering giant.

“It is a fundamental doctrine of the rule of law that our attorney-general should be not subjected to political pressure or interference regarding the exercise of her prosecutorial discretion in criminal cases,” Ms Philpott wrote in her resignation letter.

“Sadly, I have lost confidence in how the government has dealt with this matter and in how it has responded to the issues raised.”

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