Trudeau races Canada Army Run 5K in Ottawa.

Prime Minister Trudeau runs in the 2017 Army Run in Ottawa. September 17, 2017. /// Le premier ministre Trudeau au pas de course lors de la Course de l’armée 2017 à Ottawa. 17 septembre 2017.

Canada Army Run is an event where “Canadians and the Canadian Armed Forces – Air Force, Army, and Navy – join together in the spirit of camaraderie and community.

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau joined thousands of runners in Ottawa for 5K as part of the run.

Trudeau shared with the crowd, “This is my third run, but it’s apparently the first time a prime minister has been in the Army Run and I’m very, very happy to be here. It’s also a moment to recognize and celebrate our wounded warriors, those extraordinary men and women who serve the country with everything they have.”

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