Trump vows to revive stalled Israel-Palestine peace process

Washington D.C.: United States President Donald Trump has vowed to revive the stalled Israel-Palestine peace process by acting as a “mediator, an arbitrator or a facilitator”.

Speaking after the face-to-face meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the White House on Wednesday, Trump said he is committed to working with Israel and the Palestinians to reach an agreement.

However, he said that any agreement cannot be imposed by the United States, or by any other nation.

Trump said the Palestinians and Israelis must work together to reach an agreement that allows both peoples to live, worship, and thrive and prosper in peace.

“And I will do whatever is necessary to facilitate the agreement to mediate, to arbitrate anything they’d like to do. But I would love to be a mediator or an arbitrator or a facilitator. And we will get this done,” he said.

Trump extended his support to the Palestinian leader, saying that he wants Abbas to be the person who signs his name to the final and most important peace agreement that brings safety, stability, and prosperity to both peoples and to the region.

Trump further said that that the two sides must continue to build their partnership to counter and defeat terrorism.

“An honor to host President Mahmoud Abbas at the WH today. Hopefully something terrific could come out it between the Palestinians & Israel,” Trump said in a tweet.

Welcoming Trump’s role as a mediator in peace negotiations, the Palestinian leader said he looks forward to work with him in order to revive the stalled Israel- Palestine peace process.

“I believe that we are capable under your leadership and your stewardship to — your courageous stewardship and your wisdom, as well as your great negotiating ability, I believe, with the grace of God and with all of your effort — we believe that we can be partners, true partners, to you to bring about a historic peace treaty under your stewardship to bring about peace,” he said.

President Abbas said that their strategic option and choice is to bring about peace based on the vision of the two-state, a Palestinian state with its capital of East Jerusalem that lives in peace and stability with the state of Israel based on the borders of 1967.

“We believe that we are capable and able to bring about success to our efforts because, President Trump, you have the determination and you have the desire to see it become to fruition and to become successful. And we, inshallah, God willing, we are coming into a new opportunity, a new horizon that would enable us to bring about peace in that regard,” he said.

“As far as a permanent solution, we believe that this is possible and able to be resolved. I firmly believe that this is possibly — we are able to resolve it. And in that, I also believe that we will be able to resolve the issue of the refugees and the issue of the prisoners,” he added.