Try This Delicious Christmas Plum Pudding This Holiday Season

Christmas is not just a festival, it’s a feeling of warmth and a celebration of togetherness. The festival is all about spreading the message of love for everyone.

Though the trees are decorated with lights, stars, bells and miniature Santa Clauses, the festival is incomplete without a slice of Christmas cake.

From ginger cookies to plum cakes to chocolate slice, the festival brings with it merry spirit with all sorts of mouthwatering desserts.

So, this Christmas, try out this exclusive recipe:

Plum Pudding


White butter 312gms

Brown sugar 187gms

Eggs 3

Apple chopped 187gms

Flour 125gms

Corn flour 50gms

Baking powder 3.5gms

Nut meg 2gms

Ginger powder 3.5gms

Lemon zest 3

Soaked fruit 875gms

Fresh cream 100gms

Rum 100ml


Mix Cream butter and sugar till fluffy and sugar is dissolved using a paddle attachment in the machine
Slowly add eggs and incorporate well.
Add cream and mix.
Sieve in all dry ingredients and mix gently
Lastly, add in all the dry fruits and chopped apples.
Bake in a mould lined with butter and sugar and covered with foil at 150C on hot water bath for 4 hrs.
Soak in brandy/rum and serve warm.