Two Indian students were shot at during an armed robbery in Chicago; one of them died

Nikita Shahi
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In the United States, thieves opened fire on the students, killing one student from Andhra Pradesh and injuring another from Telangana.

According to reports reaching the students' families, the incident occurred on Sunday at Princeton Park in Chicago.

Nandapu Devansh, 23, of Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, was slain, while Koppala Sai Charan, of Hyderabad, was injured. Laxman, another student from Visakhapatnam, managed to leave unharmed. The three students arrived in the US just ten days ago after being accepted to Governors State University in Chicago.

In Chicago, they had rented a place together and were staying together. The group went shopping for an Internet router on Sunday night. Two armed robbers stopped them as they were on their way to a mall. The students were told to surrender their cell phones by the intruders. They were also asked to unlock the phones and their PIN.

The burglars allegedly stole money from the students. The armed men started shooting as they fled the site. Laxman narrowly avoided being shot, while Devasnh and Sai Charan both received injuries.

Police responded quickly when the victims called for help, transporting the injured to a hospital. Devansh passed away while receiving medical attention.