Typhoon Trami Hits Southern Japan, Heads For Main Island

A powerful typhoon brought heavy rain and high winds as it approached southern Japan on Saturday, causing power outages in several cities and prompting Kansai International Airport near Osaka to plan a temporary closure of its runways from Sunday.

Typhoon Trami, rated Category 2 by Tropical Storm Risk, with Category 5 the highest, is the latest storm to threaten Japan in a year of weather-related woes, including punishing heat, heavy rains and landslides.

Outlying islands in the Okinawan chain, some 1,000 km southwest of Tokyo, were being pounded by heavy rain and high tides a day before an Okinawan gubernatorial election on Sunday.

Strong wind knocked down trees, blew off an outer wall from a building and left nine people injured in Okinawa. Trami also caused power outages in more than 30 towns.