UK Minister Praises PM Narendra Modi For Demonetisation

New Update

London: Britain’s senior-most Indian-origin minister Priti Patel has praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the demonetisation move, saying it is a right step to curb black money and sends a “strong message” to the whole world against illegal deals and trade.

“It (demonetisation) is a right step to tackle the root causes of corruption. Too much black money is circulating in the world which funds terrorism and illegal trade. Prime Minister Modi should be commended for a strong message to the whole world that the era of illegal deals and trade is over,” the UK’s international development minister said.

A key member of British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Cabinet, Patel has often spoken out in favour of Modi’s initiatives and the need for the UK to support his efforts.

Before a recent visit to India, she had said: “Prime Minister Modi’s vision for India has been phenomenal. He has transformed India’s reputation internationally in a very strong way, showing that India is not just a rising country but it is dynamic, innovative and out there to attract the brightest and best when it comes to overseas businesses, skills and capacity building.”

“We have always been clear about the strength of the relationship; I have said on numerous occasions that we stand shoulder to shoulder with India. We have so many natural ties and synergies,” she said.