US troops face alcohol ban in Japan.

The US military has banned all soldiers stationed in Japan from drinking alcohol after one of its servicemen was involved in a deadly crash on Okinawa island linked to drink driving.The military also announced “mandatory training to address responsible alcohol use, risk management and acceptable behaviour” for all its troops across Japan.

The Marine crashed his truck into a minivan on Sunday, killing the local driver of the other vehicle adding to the resentment of lacals. Okinawa hosts more than half of the US troops in Japan – locals have long resented the military presence.

Japanese police said the Marine was three times over the legal blood alcohol limit.He is under arrest charged with negligent driving resulting in death, police say.

The US presence on Okinawa in southern Japan is a key part of the security alliance between the two countries. The base houses about 26,000 US troops.

The local residents object to the alleged crimes and accidents attributed to the troops. Resentment at the US presence has been growing among many locals, particularly since the 1995 gang-rape of a 12-year-old girl by US troops.