“Vaccines save lives. I want to protect my family and friends.” – Patrick Brown on receiving his COVID vaccine

I was very happy to receive my AstraZeneca vaccine this morning at Rexall.  I want to thank the Ontario Government for making vaccines available at pharmacies for residents over the age of 40.  The first vaccine available is the best vaccine.  I’m completely confident taking the AstraZeneca vaccine because it has been approved by Health Canada and it has been given to millions of people around the world.  I encourage all Brampton residents to get vaccinated when you are eligible.

Vaccines save lives.  I want to protect my family and friends.  All approved COVID-19 vaccines have been approved by Health Canada on the basis of their quality, safety and efficacy. All the vaccines were proven to be effective at preventing COVID-19 symptoms, and preventing severe complications of COVID-19 such as hospitalization and death. After receiving your COVID-19 vaccine, you should continue to follow all public health measures, including wearing a mask, practicing physical distancing and washing your hands.

For more information about booking a vaccine appointment, please call the provincial telephone booking system (1-888-999-6488) or visit https://peelregion.ca/coronavirus/vaccine/