Vancouver man shares the horrifying experience of witnessing Las Vegas attack.

Krish Sidhu,Vancouver entrepreneur,who regularly travels to Las Vegas, was at the Mandalay Bay hotel on Sunday night, near the same floor as the shooter only minutes before bullets were fired into the crowd of concertgoers below.

Sidhu had been attending a networking event at the hotel and says, roughly 10 minutes before the shooting began, went down to the casino floor to play poker with some colleagues.

Sidhu shared, “We had just sat down and started playing one or two hands and we heard somebody say ‘There’s a gun, there’s a shooter.”He said that  everyone was calm and wasn’t sure what was happening. He looked around and took note of nearby exits he could use. He heard someone saying shots are being fired,

He said,”The casino floor just started running, everybody started running for exits. Security and police started saying ‘get out, get out, get out.”

Sidhu and the other hotel patrons were moved multiple times throughout the long hours of night, from one safe area to the next.

They were hidden in the employee gym in the basement and watched the events around them unfold on television and their phones.Sidhu emerged from his hiding place in hotel around 7:00 Am and to him the hotel looked like a ghost town.