Vicente Fox warns Trudeau,not to be ‘Judas’ in NAFTA talks.

Published on : November 20, 2017 3:13

A former Mexican president, Vincent Fox has a warning for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: “Don’t abandon our country in NAFTA talks like some modern-day “Judas.”He warns that would be a mistake.Fox made his case using a biblical metaphor  urging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau not to behave like the apostle who sold out Jesus Christ.”

Fox told CTV News that it wouldn’t do any good if Canada ditched Mexico in pursuit of a one-on-one trade deal with the U.S., in the misguided belief President Donald Trump would go easier on Canada.

He said, “He might, like Judas, give us a strike and go with the United States and leave us aside.I warn Trudeau, and I warn Canada, you will not make it [better without Mexico].”

The Canadian government has repeatedly said it’s committed to working trilaterally to renew NAFTA as a three-country agreement. However, the Canadians have also raised eyebrows in Mexico by occasionally making more ambiguous comments: some Canadian officials have at times suggested they’re open to both bilateral or trilateral deals.

Canadian officials were puzzled by the Judas comment. They pointed out that there’s been no move whatsoever to isolate Mexico.

Alex Lawrence, a spokesman for Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said, “We are committed to modernizing NAFTA as a strong trilateral agreement that is a win-win-win for all three countries.”

“Prime Minister Trudeau and Mexican President Pena Nieto spoke about the strength of our relationship and our shared goals as recently as last week in Vietnam, as well as during the Prime Minister’s visit to Mexico City last month.”