Watch special report on Domestic Violence against women in Headline Canada

Where one side world is celebrating womanhood,other side it is struggling to fight against the increasing rate of Domestic violence against women.

Activists fighting to end violence against women say the silence in Peel has been deafening after four women were killed in their homes in the span of two weeks last month.

Watch detailed report on domestic violence against women in this week’s Headline Canada on Friday, Mar 9 at 7:30 PM. Watch special interview with Const. Harinder Sohi and Deepa Mattoo (Legal Director- Barbra Schlifer Clinic).

The deaths of five women — Holly Hamilton, Elaine Bellevue, Baljit Thandi, Avtar Kaur and Jan Singh — led to many advocates speaking out on Twitter  calling for attention to be raised on gender-based violence against women.