#wepaytolearn: College students demand tuition refund as Ontario College staff goes on strike.

Two Humber college students, Greg Kung and Amir Allana, launched a petition highlighting the impact of a looming college strike on students.

Over 16,000 students have signed an online petition — with the hashtag #wepaytolearn — asking for their money back in the wake of a strike.

Amir Allana said, “We want to send a clear message to both college administrations and unionized faculty: We pay your salaries. It is our tuition money that you are fighting over. Get back to the bargaining table, compromise and figure it out. Or we want our money back.”

#wepaytolearn is a campaign demanding daily student tuition refund for every day that a strike takes place.The petition demands, “At an average tuition of $5,000 for two 13-week semesters, we are paying nearly $40/day to be in school. Full-time students must be reimbursed $30/day and part-time students must be reimbursed $20/day should a strike occur.”