What Sheridan College says about ‘senseless’ violence near Brampton campus

What Sheridan College has to say about ‘senseless’ violence near Brampton campus

The president of Sheridan College Mary Preece released a statement addressing the violent incidents happening around the college.The statement comes up as the incidents are mounting concern in the community.

She  wants to convey that  assuming that a string of “violent incidents” around Sheridan College’s Brampton campus that have been caught on video recently are being instigated by international students is just wrong.

The most recent incident caught on video appears to have occurred at College Plaza, near Sheridan College’s Brampton campus at the corner of McLaughlin Road South and Steeles Avenue West, on June 20.

The video is posted by Binder Singh.

The video shows more than a dozen people throwing punches and kicking at each other, with at least one person being dragged with a group of people tugging at his shirt.

Preece speaks out in response to the “wrongful and harmful perception” that international students are instigating these “senseless acts.”

Analysis shows that in the vast majority of these incidents, no Sheridan students were involved, the college said in a statement.

She said, “It is important that we do not wrongfully jump to conclusions and associate these acts of violence with any students, whether they are international or domestic, post-secondary or otherwise. To do so is extremely damaging for students, for post-secondary institutions and for the perception of immigration in general.”

The statement reads that the “erroneous assumption and allegation” that international students are instigating these incidents has been perpetuated on social media and in accounts that have been reported, creating upset and concern across the community.

ViPreece added, “These accusations are deeply concerning and run directly counter to our values as Canadians. International students contribute a great deal to Sheridan and to our community. They provide opportunities for all our students to develop inter-cultural competencies and learn in ways that prepare them to contribute to the global economy.”

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