What you can and can’t do after getting the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine

Covid Vaccine
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Many people are asking if it’s safe to resume some semblance of normalcy, such as holding indoor gatherings with friends or kissing their grandparents, now that about 25% of the Canadian population has been vaccinated against the virus. Experts, on the other hand, advise caution.

Dr. Stephen Hoption Cann, chair of the University of British Columbia’s clinical research ethics board, said, “We know that the first vaccine appears to provide reasonable safety, but then there are a lot of new variants spreading around.” “We have no idea how effective the defense is after each variant.”

So, now that you’ve been vaccinated, what would you do differently? Nothing, according to the federal government. At least until a larger proportion of the population has been completely vaccinated.

Although Health Canada has yet to update its advice on what Canadians can and cannot do while waiting for their second doses, the federal government has made its position clear: behave as though you haven’t been vaccinated yet and obey public health guidelines until then.

Even Global Affairs Canada has confirmed that “no exceptions will be made for vaccinated travelers” attempting to cross the country’s borders.

According to Health Canada’s website, “everyone is looking forward to a future where we can all be together. Until then, we must protect one another, especially those who are still at risk of serious COVID-19 disease.”