Winnipeg man received nearly $240 ticket for driving with ‘unsecured load’ of snow on his van.

Jonathan McCullough, a Winnipeg man was slapped with a nearly $240 ticket for driving with too much snow on the roof of his van.
He said,”When I rolled down my window he asked me why did I have so much snow on my roof, and I didn’t know what to say,I was completely dumbfounded by his question.”
McCullough said he’s familiar with Manitoba law regarding unsecured loads on vehicles, but he didn’t know the law applied to snow, too.
He had roughly seven to ten cms of snow on the roof of his minivan.
Rob Carver, Winnipeg police Constable says the rules on snow fall under the securement of vehicle loads portion of Manitoba’s Highway Traffic Act.
McCullough said he doesn’t think the public is well-educated on the law and wants people to know about his ticket so they don’t get dinged, too.