Winnipeg School replaces replaces Halloween costumes with “Tie and Scarf”.

Ecole Sage Creek School, a new Winnipeg school’s decision to stop students from wearing their costumes to class on Halloween has upset some parents, who argue it’s not fair to deny their kids the fun.

School principal Marc Poirier says since this is the Kindergarten to Grade 8 school’s first year, staff debated what the costume policy would be.

He said teachers from schools where kids were allowed to dress up noted some kids wore scary or gory costumes that frightened younger children, or they carried props such as swords. Other costumes, he said, weren’t age-appropriate.

Poirier explained, “Although the schools did indicate guidelines for appropriate costumes, there were sometimes students who didn’t follow those guidelines.There was a discussion with those students about their costumes being inappropriate, and sometimes the students and the parents didn’t agree with the view of the school.”

Sage Creek administration decided, in consultation with a student committee, to have four different themed dress-up days during the week where Halloween falls. On Oct. 31, Poirier said it will be “tie and scarf” day.

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