With the rise of Covid-19, Vancouver Canucks are asked to spread public awareness.

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As the Covid-19 cases are rising in Canada, many suggestions have been come up by the observers stating that the NHL team can help in raising awareness for Covid-19 by spreading a public message.

Just like other athletes, NHL players are socially strong with which they can aware the masses about the virus and how they can follow the rules laid down by the government which they are otherwise neglecting.

Each person is in the public eye be it in sports or the Hollywood industry, they all have an important role to play. Such awareness messages are crucial at this point with the increase in Covid-19 cases with the young ones falling prey to this disease.

Till now Canuck’s organization has not revealed much information regarding how many players have tested positive for Covid-19.

Out of 22, 17 of the players are on the Canucks’ active roster’s NHL protocol list. It also implies that these players have not tested positive for Covid-19 where all the selected ones are required to self-isolate themselves and not be in contact with the ones who have tested positive.

“Fatigue, dehydration, the symptoms are intense,” according to an agent of Canucks player. He further added “It’s knocked a lot of guys out. Some can’t even get out of bed.”

In many reports, it has been mentioned that the P.1 variant, which was first identified in Brazil is also expected to be the reason behind the Canucks’ outbreak, due to which four games have been postponed till now.

Dr. Michael Curry, a UBC professor stated that “The stats suggest that right now younger people are at higher risk of contracting COVID and even if the risk of serious illness is low, once you multiply that low risk by a large number of cases, some of those young people are going to become seriously ill.”

It is not a responsibility for them but an opportunity for the Canuck players to promote public health.