Woman faces death threats after reporting sexual harassment by Kent Hehr

The Edmonton woman, Kristin Raworth came forward with sexual harassment allegations against former federal cabinet minister Kent Hehr this week.

Now she repents she should have done so. Raworth was greeted with broad support when she tweeted allegations about Hehr, still a Calgary MP, Wednesday night.

That has since turned to death threats on social media and email, threatening voice mails left on her work line, and 3 a.m. calls to people close to her, saying they’re going to track her down.

The final straw was Saturday, when a note was shoved under her door at home. 

“Shut the f–k up,” it said, “or we’re going to come after you.” 

A public servant with the Alberta government, Raworth is now under the watch of legislature security.She has been told not to be alone.

Raworth spoke with Postmedia late Saturday afternoon. By then, she was “completely cried out.”

At first, Raworth said, she tried to brush it off. She has since gone to police.

She detailed threats that range from wishes she will be injured to those who hope she is raped or killed. Others call her a “whore.”

Raworth said her boss in the Alberta public service has been incredible in his support but, beyond that, she feels let down by the provincial and federal governments.

She said she has contacted a friend in the prime minister’s office Saturday morning, detailing the threats and asking someone from the party to publicly condemn the threats or do something to slow the onslaught of hatred being thrown at her.

She also asked them to reach out to her former boss Amarjeet Sohi, federal infrastructure minister and Liberal MP for Edmonton-Mill Woods, but has heard nothing.

In an emailed statement Saturday night, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office said, “It is crucial that every person who comes forward has a safe space to tell their story. We have advised the appropriate security agencies on these matters.”