World’s First Super Luminous Singh Watch – A tribute to the dawn of Khalsa – 30th March 1699

Khalsa 1699 Watches today announced the release of it’s new and world first super luminous Singh chronograph watch. Developed over more than 7 months, the Singh watch by Khalsa 1699 Watches is a tasteful tribute to 30th March 1699 when every Sikh man was blessed with the Singh name.

Khalsa 1699 Watches, CEO, Danny Singh says: “The SINGH was purposefully designed to salute the glorious culture, history and the magnificence of the Khalsa panth and the title SINGH. The SINGH is a pure tribute to Dasam Pita and the day he made us SINGH’s. This is a homage to every SINGH who has ever lived. Every SINGH living today and every Singh who is yet to come to this world”.

Features and benefits of the Singh watch include.

World’s first super luminous Khanda Sahib on a watch
Super embossed Khanda Sahib on the crown
The caseback has the translation of the Khalsa lion king spirit in steel staring into you, with Raj Karega Khalsa over his head
The seconds hand represents Aki Rahe Na Koi where the seconds hand is designed as the ‘Arrow of Khalsa’ and the arrow head is blood red in colour representing Khalsa’s eternal victory
Limited Edition to 5000 pieces each numbered
Lifetime Warranty
42mm and 166g of solid stainless steel and gold plating
Sports Chronograph 100m / 330ft water resistant

The Singh watch will be available for $1,500AUD, with the first 90 in the collection being released online next week. For more information on the all-new Singh watch and to be notified of the release time, visit