Singapore Passport ranked as most powerful passport.

Published on : November 3, 2017 12:45

Though a  tiny island, but Singapore now has the most powerful passport in the world with its citizens welcome without a visa or where they can get a visa on arrival in 159 countries.

This is also the first time that an Asian country has bagged the top rank in the Global Passport index.

The Passport Index is an interactive online tool developed by international residence and citizenship advisory firm Arton Capital. The index ranks the world’s most powerful passports by analysing cross-border access and assigning a ‘visa-free score’ based on the number of countries a passport holder can visit without a visa or with a visa acquired on arrival.

Singapore had previously tied with Germany with a passport score of 158, but this year bested the European nation by one. Holders of a Singaporean passport can now easily visit 159 countries, either visa-free or by securing a visa on arrival.

Philippe May, managing director of Arton Capital’s Singapore office said, “Singapore has constantly increased its passport strength since it became independent in 1965. This due to a smart and far-sighted foreign policy, excellent diplomacy and by understanding globalization as an opportunity.”

Meanwhile the US passport has fallen in favour since Trump took office, but its ranking at #6 still puts it leagues ahead of the passports with the least mobility: Somalia (34), Syria (29), Pakistan and Iraq (26), and Afghanistan (22).

Canada ranks #6 on the Global Passport Index.