Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wraps up the three-day Liberal Convention with his speech.

Justin Trudeau
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In Ottawa, the three-day Liberal convention comes to an end with the partisan speech of Justin Trudeau which was more like the launch of the election campaign.

In the speech, the prime minister cleared that he is no interested to put the country through the elections during the critical times of Covid-19’s third deadly wave. He focused his speech toward the government liberals with the “real solutions to the real problems” which Canadians have been facing.

With the rise of Covid-19, Vancouver Canucks are asked to spread public awareness.

In contrast to this, he also projected the Conservatives as disconnected climate deniers and also carriers of disinformation with two-faced leaders.

He also targeted the Bloc Quebecois party with all talks and no action, incapable of delivering the corrective measure and manufacturer of jurisdictional squabbles.

The age-based plan for Covid-19 vaccine continues despite the demand to target essential workers.

In the speech, Justin didn’t mention the New Democrat or Green Parties, but he did urge the liberals to find the friends and neighbors who planted “a Blue, Orange or green lawn” sign in the campaign of 2019.

The wrap-up speech of Trudeau came up just a week before the minority Liberal Government will be introducing the very first budget in two years, the budget that will be including more than $380 billion worth of pandemic induced red ink and will also layout up to $100 billion more in new spending which liberals will use for the sustainable economic growth.