COVID-19 Vaccination game is getting stronger on social media.

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Mass Vaccination in Canada has now picked up, where some are still debating about shifting its target from age-based while some are rejoicing to receive the Covid-19 vaccine by sharing the “Vaxxies”.

The selfies while receiving Covid Vaccines are named ‘Vaxxies’ which are being shared on social media to spread the message.

Celebrities, actors, and Politicians are all part of this social media trend where all are encouraging others to get the vaccine by sharing Post Vaccine Selfie.

Carney can be the possible future candidate for the leadership of liberal party.

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister posted the photo while receiving the first dose of Covid-19 Vaccine. Sharing the picture on a social media handle he wrote, “Vaccines are safe, effective and they help save lives. I encourage all Manitobans to roll up their sleeves and get a vaccine as soon as you are eligible.”

Schools likely to shut down post spring bread amidst the rise in cases.

Many other famous personalities like Marc Jacobs, Ryan Reynolds, and Mariah Carey also shared pictures on their social handle to motivate fans to get vaccinated.

Music legend Dolly Parton also shared a picture of getting vaccinated which she has also funded.

The selfie game is getting strong on the internet, promoting public health and encouraging those who haven’t got vaccinated yet.