Not many of the Canadians are using the COVID Alert app as per study.

Covid Alert App
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COVID Alert App was launched in 2020 by the federal government, which was to help the Canadians alert about the virus even before showing symptoms. After the year of its launch, the app is being questioned if it was helping the Canadians fight against Covid-19.

According to the research of York University, the app has a little impact now on lowering the spread of Covid-19 as the majority of the Canadian population is not using it.

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In regard to the app Director of York University’s Digital Global, Health and Humanitarianism Lab Researchers Jennie Phillips clarified to the media that limitations like privacy concern, lack of Multilingual functionality are restricting the users from downloading the app.

He said, “The elderly population is one best example as they are one of the sub-populations who are most vulnerable to COVID-19, but they are also part of the population who feel that these apps are inaccessible for them.”

Phillips said some people also have a fear of using these types of apps.

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In Canada currently, 9 provinces have made the app available for its residents and till April 8, the app has been downloaded 6,455,311times.